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We've Teamed Up With Local Lad, George William Craig

What happens when you find out your favourite barman in Margate, also produces amazing gig posters for local bands and charities?

- Bring 'em on board and give them another outlet, of course!

It was (probably) over a beer in Cinque Ports (our usual haunt), when George showed us some of his recent poster and flyer designs - We immediately loved them! They're very different to what Bubble typically produces and have an authentic rough, edginess and most importantly, local feel about them. He's produced designs for the likes of Elsewhere and The Burger Brothers.

What we find best though, is that nothing, we mean nothing, has been produced in Photoshop or Illustrator - and we love the style even more for it.

If you're a local band, artist or venue looking for a unique but great value design, contact Bubble today and we can get our man on the case!

Check out his gallery below and give George a follow on Insta.


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