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Introducing Our Latest Recruits!

Meet the latest recruits to #TeamBubble

Mark Lofthouse

Victoria Barrow Williams


Creative Partner//Graphic Designer


Creative Education & Community Partner

Over the past few months Bubble has been working with a number of creatives on various projects - including our upcoming Dark Spirits event being held in Margate in August. We thought we'd do a little feature on both of these creative powerhouses!


Mark has worked in the themed attraction industry for over 12 years – working primarily with theme parks, leisure facilities, wildlife parks and private clients to design, develop and deliver immersive and interactive theatrical experiences.  His creative mind has been behind multiple award-winning experiences such as Screamland Margate. In more recent times, Mark was appointed a new role within a themed attraction in the Operations department and has in-depth knowledge of managing and operating immersive attractions.

Mark is supporting Bubble on a number of current graphic design projects and is also heading up the creative behind upcoming immersive cocktail experience, Dark Spirits.


Victoria's work focuses on the strategic development of innovative learning and participation programmes. Victoria is also part of the amazing team at PWR. At the core of what PWR do, is a commitment to emPWR those from the fringes, with a focus on working with people who identify as girls, women or non-binary. It's all about giving the local community access to PWR houses, their knowledge and insight and allowing them to nurture the development of an inclusive, creativity community.

In recent times she's become increasingly passionate about supporting people from the fringes. Victoria most recently commissioned the internationally acclaimed Tina Turner Prize at Dreamland Margate and curates the family area at the We Out Here Festival.

Victoria is supporting Bubble with Dark Spirits, ensuring that where possible the project is involving the local community in both creative and educational avenues. Working closely with the creative team, Victoria is also exploring new routes to market for Dark Spirits which could include festivals and educational overlays.


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